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2011 WBCA Pink Zone runs through February 20

The Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) has been hosting the 2011 WBCA Pink Zone in support of breast cancer awareness and fundraising, according to the WBCA website.

College basketball teams across the country are encouraged to decorate their uniforms, shoes and fan gear with the color pink.

The WBCA Pink Zone has raised money towards cancer research and awareness for the past four years, partnering with the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Kay Yow was a woman's basketball coach at North Carolina State University, who coached the United States women's basketball team to Olympic gold medal victory in 1988, according to the Illinois State University website. Yow was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987.

"Even in college athletics, one of the most competitive environments there is, Coach Yow had no enemies. She always said that she competed with other coaches, not against them. Coaches across the country had so much respect and admiration for her," Stephanie Glance, who coached alongside Yow, told the news source.

College basketball teams such as the Illinois State Redbirds and the Columbia University women’s basketball team have all participated in Pink Zone. Columbia raised more than $5,200 for breast cancer research, according to the Columbia Lions website.
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