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A couple's battle with breast cancer

For Barb Welsh, 2009 was the year that she overcame breast cancer treatment and went into remission thanks in part to her courage and support from her family. Her biggest fan, her husband Mike, was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after Barb went into remission, according to The Survivors Club.

Mike felt the first signs of his disease when he got into his car and felt a sharp pain where the seat belt sat upon his chest. Upon a visit to a doctor, he found that it was a malignant tumor in his chest and had to undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy treatments.

Mike is going strong with his treatment and the couple has used their unique situation to spread breast cancer awareness. They have made t-shirts - Barb's says "I'm a breast cancer survivor," while Mike's says, "I have half a rack - male breast cancer survivor, just ask me."

"People just don't say anything, and that is why I wear this shirt," he told the news source. "I am one of the 200,000 men with breast cancer. Here I am."

According to, over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors currently live in the United States. 
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