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Artful Bra raises money for breast cancer research

People are often enthralled with unique bra designs, and now a group of individuals at the University at Buffalo are using that to their advantage.

According to, employees and staff members at the upstate, New York college have created the Artful Bra Project, an art show that will feature more than 19 unique brassieres. The public is also allowed to place bids on the pieces in an auction, which ends on November 1.

"We're not doing anything salacious," Mary-Camille Schwindler, a project organizer, told the news outlet. "We want a cure. We want to wipe out breast cancer."

One of the undergarments, called Knock Out Cancer, features two small pink boxing gloves instead of cups. Another creation, wittingly named Twin Peaks, features the design of two small, snowy mountains. Above them are straps that look like puffy clouds, evidently made from cotton.

According to the Artful Bra's website, the project was created as part of the University Employees Campaign for the Community, which is an annual campaign that raises funds for the United Way and other Western New York Charities.
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