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Battling breast cancer through stress-relief programs

A new study suggests that women who have recurrent breast cancer may improve their chances of survival through a new stress-relief program, reports MSN.com.

Researchers followed 227 women who had been diagnosed with stage two or stage three breast cancer, and split them into two groups. According to the study, those who took part in the stress-relief program showed dramatic results.

"Patients who took part in the program had significant emotional improvement and more favorable immune responses in the year following recurrence diagnosis," author of the study Barbara L. Andersen said in a release.

The study's findings also suggest that psychological treatments for breast cancer may also contribute to long term goals of survival.

"These results are extremely heartening, because it shows that a psychological intervention can have long-term positive effects," professor of racial and ethnic diversity at Washington University in St. Louis, Sarah Gehlert, said in the release.ADNFCR-2795-ID-19826009-ADNFCR
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