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Beloit breast cancer survivors begin support group

A breast cancer survivor in Beloit, Wisconsin, was alarmed by her community's lack of a support system for breast cancer patients and their families and decided to do something about it. Wilma Jensen has started the support group called Bosom Buddies to play an important role in counseling and assisting those who deal with the deadly disease, according to

"Beloit's a big enough city we could have our own [support group]. I got busy and spread the word to people I knew with breast cancer, and those treating women with breast cancer. It's been stupendous. We've had new people every single month," Jensen told the news source.

Jensen was diagnosed with Stage 1B breast cancer in 1998 and underwent treatment. She remained cancer free until 2009 when she was stricken with Stage 4 cancer in her lungs and was given only three years to live. Thankfully she has persevered and even accompanies women to their first chemotherapy treatments as a show of support.

According to, there are currently 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States. 
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