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Bikers to cycle cross-country for breast cancer awareness

Putting in a half-hour at the gym can be a daunting task, but four admirable athletes have set aside their entire summer vacation to traverse the country.

But, they're not putting in the hours to look great on the beach. They're hopping on their bikes for breast cancer awareness (we're guessing that their enviable physiques will just be an added perk).

The team, which is calling itself "The Pink Pedal: Riding Hard to Fight Breast Cancer," Ty Bereskie, 19, Nicholas Gober, 21, Travis Brown, 20 and John Anczarski, 19.

The boys will be setting out on their trip in May, and plan to make it all of the way from their home base in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, to San Diego, California, in 30 to 45 days, according to the Republican Herald.

"Basically, we all wanted to make a difference and make something of our summer vacation," Bereskie told the news source.

In order to prepare for their epic journey, the team is hitting the gym and mapping out their route.

They will be donating the money that they collect from their efforts to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The non-profit organization has provided $450 million to fund breast cancer research, and $900 million to provide breast cancer screenings and treatment to those in need.
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