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Breast cancer awareness growing in Barbados

Breast cancer awareness and prevention has increased significantly among women in Barbados, The Barbados Advocate reports.

The Breast Screening Programme of the Barbados Cancer Society (BCS), that was created in 2002 to promote the importance of getting annual screens recently reported that since its inception, over 45,700 mammograms have been performed.

"This is an amazing number and when you look at it, there is no way that this could have been done by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with all the other things that they have to do," Dr. Shirley Hanoman Jhagroo, chairperson of the BCS, told the news outlet. "We have a percentage of 38 percent of women who come without being referred for breast screening and mammograms."

That number is a huge improvement, as it shows women are beginning to understand the importance of getting checked, through awareness campaigns set up by the organization.

To provide more accurate readings, the BCS is looking to purchase a new ultrasound machine to be able to give clearer pictures of potential masses.

BreastCancer.org reports that between 70 and 80 percent of women who develop breast cancer had no family history of the disease. This is why annual screenings and self-examinations are so crucial.
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