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Breast cancer diet cookbook looks to aid those undergoing treatments

Part of staying healthy is eating a nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy weight. This notion also rings true for those who are at risk, currently have or have survived breast cancer, according to Mary Flynn, co-author of the new book, The Pink Ribbon Diet, What's News reports.

The book is broken up into multiple sections - the first outlines a plant-based, olive-oil diet, known as PBOO. This diet is commonly referred to as the Mediterranean diet and works to eliminated high levels of oxidation, insulin and other biomarkers that can feed cancer and tumors.

The second part of the book details 150 simple recipes for all meals during the day - from muffins to pot roast and more, to give women undergoing treatments options that taste good.

"I am hoping that this book allows women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, to enjoy food, find cooking fun and rewarding and lead to better weight management and health," Flynn told Province Business News.

With reporting that one in eight women are set to be diagnosed with the disease in her lifetime, finding new approaches to helping those undergoing treatments and survivors heal is crucial. The new book offers ways to nourish the body, while promoting breast cancer awareness
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