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Breast cancer gene testing saves woman's life

One of the best ways for women to know if they are at a high-risk for breast cancer is to find out if they have the genetic mutation associated with the disease. In fact, doing so saved Cathy Dutcher's life.

WILX News reports that Dutcher, whose sister was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, decided to undergo a radical preventative procedure - a double mastectomy. However, it looks as though the move was the best thing she could have done for herself.

"When I had the mastectomies, they did find cancer in my right breast, so I was really lucky," she told the news source. "They found it early, I did not have to have any treatment for it."

Women who discover they have the gene don't have to undergo surgery like Cathy. According to the news outlet, other options, such as increased mammograms and chemotherapy drugs, are available to certain patients.

"I just feel like knowledge is power," Dutcher told the news outlet. "And if you know these things, you grab the bull by the horns and that's just the best way to be."

 According to, those who have abnormal breast cancer genes account for 10 percent of all breast cancers.
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