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Breast cancer news delivered by a reliable source

Nurse Practitioner Heather Flanagan has had the troubling job of providing reassuring information for patients that have just received the shocking news that they have breast cancer. Over the years, she has seen this happen countless times and recently she decided to do something about it by creating an informational website, according to the Brandon Patch.

"I already provide patients with packets of information," Flanagan told the news source. "This would be an extension of what I already do and reach a lot more people."

Flanagan understands that there are already many informational websites out there about breast cancer, but she said in her search she found many were too technical for the average women to benefit from.

"I kept hearing the same questions when the women were diagnosed," Flanagan told the news outlet. "They don’t know where to turn for information, and some of the information out there on the Internet can be very scary."

Hence, was launched.

Just three weeks into it, Flanagan added that the site is a constant work-in-progress as new studies and research is developing daily and she hopes to get all research - the good, the bad and the ugly - out there so women understand all of their options and what certain procedures mean.

Flanagan also has a chat feature that allows women to discuss breast cancer awareness and even what has worked for them.
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