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Breast cancer patient fears the possibility of not being able to have children

The biggest fear of one 29-year-old woman with breast cancer is the possibility of not being able to have children.

Carly Byrd received her breast cancer news when she was 25, ABC News reports. She's had several lumpectomies, a double mastectomy and radiation therapy, but the cancer still threatens her life. She now needs to undergo chemotherapy, which has the possibility of making her infertile.

"My oncologist told me there was a 30 percent chance that the chemo I had to have would toss me into early menopause," Byrd told the source. "When cancer and the procedures to treat it start taking real things away from you, it's a big pill to swallow."

An Italian study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows the promise of a gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue drug. Women who took the drug one week before chemotherapy and every four weeks during their treatment were 17 percent less likely to undergo early menopause than others.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, women receiving chemotherapy treatment can have irregular menstrual cycles, lose menstrual periods altogether or have their ovaries damaged by the treatment. There is no accurate way to determine how or when chemotherapy treatment will affect a woman's menstrual cycle.
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