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Breast cancer patients find benefits in yoga

Sarah Garden owns a yoga studio, and after learning of her mother's breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, she decided to use her love of the activity to help other breast cancer patients.

Now, twice-a-week, Garden offers free yoga classes for women healing from breast cancer surgery on Mondays and for those who have survived breast cancer on Wednesdays. As Calgary Herald reports, many of those who participate in the classes have formed strong friendships.

"My mom comes to my classes and has for a long time," Garden told the news source. "We started to rehab her arm after her surgery. Yoga helped her relax and manage some of the stress and it improved her range of motion."

Some individuals have found that what they've learned doing yoga, such as breathing techniques, have come in handy when they are going through treatment and other medical tests. The yoga has also been a help for those who deal with lymphedema, a condition characterized by fluid retention and tissue swelling in the lymphatic system.

Experts have also found that women who remain active and exercise may help prevent a recurrence of the disease.
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