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Breast cancer survivor pens book on telling kids about the diagnosis

For a woman, finding out she has breast cancer can be one of the most difficult experiences of her life, especially if she has children. Figuring out how to talk to children after such a diagnosis can be a real challenge.

Author and breast cancer survivor Lisa Klenoshek was diagnosed with the disease when her daughter, Zoey was four.

"She knew right away and wanted to know why there were pink ribbons on things and why I was getting gifts when it wasn’t my birthday," Klenoshek told the publication on her daughter's curiosity. "I had to think fast! And think like a bright 4-year-old. So, I just told her that I had some bad stuff in my body that the doctors were going to take out."

Now cancer free, Klenoshek is spreading breast cancer awareness through her book, Zoey's List of Love: A Sweet Breast Cancer Survivor Story, aimed at helping parents with the disease figure out the best way to tell their children.

Aside from helping children, the book may also remind women to get their annual mammography testing done. According to, more than 200,000 U.S. women will be diagnosed with the disease this year.
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