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Breast cancer survivors and sufferers find solace together

Breast cancer patients and survivors commonly form a sisterly bond, as they deal with the implications of the disease, Sis Bowman wrote in an OpEd piece in the Zanesville Times Recorder.

"There is a sorority I never knew existed until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004," wrote Bowman. "Women I knew, and even some I didn't, approached me to offer support and love. We all had one thing in common. We had battled the breast cancer thief."

Bowman continued by honor a friend she recently lost - a friend she now considers a sister. She adds that finding other breast cancer survivors in various support groups is one way to battle the disease and hopefully win, the media outlet reports.

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women in the U.S. will eventually be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point during their lifetime. Not only is it the second most common form of cancer among women behind skin cancer, but it is the second leading cause of cancer-related death among women, following only lung cancer.
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