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Breast cancer survivors angry at "Sex and the City 2" plotline

While scores of "Sex and the City" fans are currently peeved about the latest film's absurd dialogue and preposterous story, other women are fuming over another issue - its portrayal of life after breast cancer.

According to, a plotline in the movie involves Samantha Jones, who was previously treated for stage one breast cancer in the popular HBO series, undergoing hormone treatments to prevent symptoms of menopause.

"I'm leading the way through the menopause maze. I've tricked my body into thinking it's younger...No hot flashes. No mood swings. And my sex drive is right back to where it was," Jones says in the film.

However, women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are rarely allowed to undergo hormone therapy, as the treatment is known to fuel a recurrence.

"It drives me crazy that some woman out there might think this is OK," Courtney Bugler, executive director of the Young Survival Coalition, told the news outlet.

"Sex and the City 2" has grossed over $88 million worldwide so far, according to
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