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Breast cancer survivors team up to boat together

Hope Afloat is a group consisting of about 40 women paddlers, all of whom are breast cancer survivors, according to

Breast cancer affects about one in eight women in the U.S. and new diagnoses of the disease number in the 200,000's per year.

Recent studies have also shown that positive social relationships and friendships can have a healthy impact on breast cancer survival rates as well. Indeed, post-cancer mood and mental health have also been shown to be higher when people engage in group activities and social events.

The Hope Afloat team competed in Vancouver in 2005 and placed second overall, while beating all of the other U.S. teams.

The group has been to Italy, Australia and plan to travel to the Pam Am Games in Florida, according to the news source.

"They're tough broads. Everybody is really welcoming, but at the same time, very competitive. These women have been through a lot, and nothing stops them," Meg Fasy, 46, a new team member, told the news outlet.
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