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Breast oncologist diagnosed with breast cancer

Dr. Maria Weiss, the founder of, found herself in a ironic twist of fate in April 2010. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Weiss has treated thousands of breast cancer patients but a routine mammogram turned her world upside down when she was diagnosed with a breast tumor.

After the first mammogram turned up something "worrisome," another scan confirmed calcifications in her breast. Weiss had an MRI at the hospital she was employed at and it revealed a tumor in her left breast that was clearly cancer.

In a stroke of good luck, Weiss' cancer was discovered early and she was able to begin treatment immediately. Weiss admits that if she did not get regular mammograms, the odds would not be in her favor.

"I'm a direct beneficiary of early detection. I believe strongly that women should get their first mammogram starting at age 40 and have it each year after that, and start even earlier if they're at high risk," she told the news outlet.

The American Cancer Society recommends all women begin yearly mammograms at age 40. 
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