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Breast reconstruction procedure using a patient's own tissue

Women who survive breast cancer may still be confronted with decisions that involve their breast health even after they've entered remission.

Some women opt for a double mastectomy when choosing a course of treatment, and there are often physical and psychological reminders that come with selecting this option. Many decide to have breast reconstruction surgery following their mastectomy, and as CBS affiliate KFVS reports, there is a procedure where women can use their own tissue to reconstruct their breasts.

"This particular procedure is often good for women who want to use their own tissue rather than have implants and the long term issues that can go along with implant reconstruction," plastic surgeon Dr. Humphrey told the news source. "For carefully chosen patients it can actually give a result that mimics the natural breast better than an implant reconstruction."

The TRAM flap procedure involves taking tissue and fat from a woman's stomach area and using it to create a new breast. Patients are encouraged to speak to their doctor and a board certified plastic surgeon about this option when considering breast reconstruction.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors are currently living in the U.S.
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