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Cancer diagnosis won't slow down first grade teacher

Kendra Abbey, a first grade teacher in Fort Smith, Arkansas is heeding the advice of the late Elizabeth Edwards by continuing to live her life despite being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, according to

Abbey discovered she had stage 4 breast cancer over a year-and-a-half ago, which quickly metastasized in her liver and right lung and was required to endure chemotherapy treatment once a week. Abbey has been a teacher for nearly two decades and throughout her battle with breast cancer she has stayed in the classroom, often against her own doctors' advice.

"I told him that I can't come back and just stay at home and think I have cancer," said Abbey. "I had to just go on with my life and not just for me, but for my children."

Now in remission, Abbey used teaching as a form of therapy for her treatment. As a mother of two daughters, she credits her family, faith and community support system to endure the pain and toll that the disease took.

According to the American Cancer Society, eight out of nine women diagnosed with breast cancer have no history of the disease.
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