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Charity Breast Cancer Care runs biggest ad campaign thus far

It was recently announced that Charity Breast Cancer Care is running its biggest ever marketing campaign, which aims to raise awareness while supporting women who have the disease, according to Marketing Week.

The new ad that will be featured features the idea of showing "support for the women behind the cancer," the media outlet reports. The picture is of a woman who is covered in pills and medications, and they are slowly falling off of her.

The charity's goal is so that no breast cancer patient is unaware of their treatment options, care and other medical decisions. In addition, it will also focus on patients who survived the disease and how they are coping.

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point during their lifetime. Not only is it the second most common form of cancer among women behind skin cancer, but it is the second leading cause of cancer-related death among women, following only lung cancer.  
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