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Climb Against All Odds raises money for cancer prevention

Breast cancer survivor Ann Maechtlen plans to climb California's Mount Shasta as a part of the annual Climb Against the Odds fundraiser. Maechtlen, who made the 14,000 foot climb in 2008 shortly after completing cancer treatment, will ascend the mountain for the second time in honor of her 50th birthday and to celebrate her second chance at life, according to Montana's KAJ18.

Maechtlen hopes to reach her $13,000 fundraising goal to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund. She has gone through months of training for the climb and participated in numerous fundraising activities to spread breast cancer awareness and support her charity.

"I really want to raise awareness and help people make better choices and stay safe and healthy," Maechtlen told the news source.

The survivor climbed Mount Shasta in 2008, only seven months after completing her cancer treatment.

"It's the hardest thing I've ever done. My body wasn't ready to climb a mountain, so it was really hard...but the best thing I've ever done I'd say," said Maechtlen.

The Breast Cancer Fund is a nonprofit organization which strives to identify and eliminate the environmental and preventable causes of breast cancer.
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