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Easing the financial strain of breast cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer provides a haven for women struggling to afford treatment-related costs and day-to-day expense . Many of the women who come to them are single mothers; others are from the uninsured and medically underserved populations. This program provides small grants to women in active treatment for breast cancer.

LBBC eases the burden of the "iinvisible" costs of breast cancer treatment such as decreased wages due to medical leave, increased transportation costs due to regular trips to the doctor’s office, and the need for childcare while mother recovers from treatment side effects. The grant helps women and their families by paying “basic need” expenses including: food, rent, mortgage, and utilities on their behalf. No moneys are paid directly to the recipients.

Whiel the average grant of $750 per recipient may seem quite small, the impact was huge when it came to peace of mind for the recipients. Some of the "thank you" received included the following stories:

"Your generous grant has helped my family towards paying our mortgage and electric bill. We can’t begin to tell you what a blessing that was. As you know, the bills don’t stop when you get cancer."

"Your precious gift that was sent to me enabled me to have many needs met and live without the fear of my landlord putting me out."

"When I was first diagnosed, I was devastated because I didn’t know how I was going to get through this turbulent time. I went through chemotherapy for six months and also I had radiation for five weeks. Working during this time was impossible because the treatments took a lot of energy out of me. When I received the grant, it was an answer to a prayer. I was and still am most grateful for it. A burden was lifted and I was able to concentrate on getting better."'s 2012 donation to Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant was made possible by the Gifts That Give More program hosted on The Breast Cancer Site.

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