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Eating broccoli may prohibit growth of breast cancer cells

People who love broccoli now have another reason to smile. Aside from being tasty and low in calories, the green vegetable may also prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

A new study at the University of Michigan has shown that a component of broccoli, sulforaphane, targets the development of stems cells in breast cancer tumors. These are the cells that fuel the tumor's growth.

"This research suggests a potential new treatment that could be combined with other compounds to target breast cancer stem cells," said study author Max S. Wicha, of the Univesrity of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Those who are aiming to do all they can to prevent a breast cancer diagnosis have other means for attaining a daily dose of sulforaphane, as the component is also available in capsule form.

However, women should take additional precautions to ensure they diminish their risk of breast cancer. The Mayo Clinic advises that a person limit the consumption of alcohol and fat intake in order to prevent the onset of the disease.ADNFCR-2795-ID-19759448-ADNFCR
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