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Fighting breast cancer and competing in a triathlon with the same courage

Karen Newman is a breast cancer survivor who participated in the World Triathlon Championships last year, according to the Daily New Canaan. Her doctors had told her that "she had no shot at competing."

Instead, Newman faces triathlons with the same level of determination and positivity that she uses to fight breast cancer.

"I went out and finished after my fourth round of chemotherapy. It was one of the best things ever," Newman told the news sources.

The 50-year-old from Old Greenwich has been an All-American tri-athlete five times and participated in world competitions four times.

Like one out of eight women in the U.S., Newman was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. The cancer metastasized to the lymph nodes. The mother of three sons was interviewed on the Today show.

"It is my duty, and my great joy, to help anyone any possible way that I can,'' said Newman to the Today show, according to the news source.

Last year, over 200,000 women were newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Exercise and a healthy social life have been linked to lower chances of developing the illness.
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