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Firefighters patrol in pink

Firefighters in Walton County, Georgia, are used to saving lives. However, during October they have also been saving lives in another way - by raising breast cancer awareness wearing hot pink shirts, the Loganville Patch reports.

This is the first year the men have decided to broadcast their support efforts, though Captain Jeff Stone said he hopes to make it an annual event in October.

"Right now it's just to show support and helps raise awareness - you will see a lot of these shirts about," Stone told the publication. "We have firefighters who have bought them for their wives and children - I got one for my wife and I have three daughters so I got [shirts] for them too."

The support hasn't gone unnoticed, as so many people have been touched in one way or another by this deadly disease.

"Even with conversations here in the department, almost everybody has been touched by cancer, and not just breast cancer but cancer in general," Stone told the source. "Whether a sister, mother, wife, aunt or grandmother - it's hard to find someone who hasn't been directly impacted by cancer."

Cancer does truly touch almost everyone, as one in eight woman is set to battle breast cancer in her lifetime, according to
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