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Happy Houses continue to be built in Haiti

Lowney at Happy HouseThe Haitian Health Foundation's "Happy Houses: project began long before the earthquakes struck in 2010. The houses being built in the rural mountain villages around Jeremie are no McMansions. But "the appreciation and joy brought to a family when they are able to move out of a hovel of banana leaves, thatch, rags, and tin scraps into a clean and comfortable cement block house with a cement floor and intact, non-leaking roof is overwhelming," wrote Jeremiah Lowney, founder and volunteer president of HHF.

Lowney toured construction of these homes in Haiti and, as always, was touched by the generosity of the communities that he visited. "These families, who have very little themselves, would come out with a basket of fruit as a gift…items that these people were sharing from a very small food larder," he said. "The same type of generosity was evident when earthquake survivors showed up…these people of very humble means met the survivors at the docks with food and water that they needed for themselves."

HHF will continue to build Happy Houses as long as they are needed. To learn more about this project, please click here.

GreaterGood.org provides funding for HHF through the Gifts That Give More [tm] program at The Child Health Site and other GreaterGood Network websites.

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