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Hats Off 2 Dale gets Maryland license plate

A breast cancer survivor has lived to see her hard work come to fruition with the release of her foundation's own license plate to spread breast cancer awareness, according to The Capital.

Dale Cager is a breast cancer survivor that was diagnosed with the deadly disease when she was 36. Dale lost her sister to the same disease when she was in her early 30s and found herself strengthened by being by her sister's side before she took on the same struggle.

"I used her situation to make me stronger," said Cager.

After her long road of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Cager is now in remission. She used her experience to reach out to those going through treatment, offering moral and financial support to those in need. In 2008, Cager founded Hats Off 2 Dale, a nonprofit that offers assistance to women diagnosed with breast cancer and the economically disadvantaged.

The license plates were an advertising idea that came to Cager as a way of making people more aware. So far, 100 plates have been made and 35 are now on the road.
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