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Higher risk of breast cancer if highly stressed, study shows

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois discovered a link between aggressive breast cancer and stress, according to Blisstree.

The researchers found that after surveying 989 women who were recently diagnosed with the disease, the ones who were the most stressed had the most aggressive cases and did not respond well to breast cancer treatment, according to the news source.

"It's not clear what's driving this association," said lead researcher Garth Rauscher. "It may be that the level of stress in these patients' lives influenced tumor aggressiveness. It may be that being diagnosed with a more aggressive tumor, with a more worrisome diagnosis and more stressful treatments, influenced reports of stress. It may be that both of these are playing a role in the association. We don't know the answer to that question."

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, it is recommended that once a woman turns 40 she should schedule annual mammograms. If a woman has an extensive family history of breast cancer, they may want to start scheduling these appointments earlier in order to catch it at the beginning stages.
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