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Hope From Helen fundraiser a huge success

Over $45,000 has been raised in this year's Hope From Helen fundraiser, an annual event that helps the women of Wilmington, Delaware afflicted with breast cancer find the treatment and assistance they need, according to Delaware's WECT.

The fundraiser continues annually due to the love and hard work of the founder's son, Tony Butler. The initiative began in 2005 when Tony's mother, Helen Butler, was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and breast cancer soon after that. Helen had recently lost her job and was uninsured, so she had to reach out to the community for the assistance she needed. Her friends began the fundraiser, Hope For Helen, which saw an outpouring of public support.

Tony's mother died in October 2006 after her long battle with cancer. He has continued the fundraiser but has renamed the cause Hope From Helen to remember his mother and to share the outpouring of support from the community with other women who need assistance.

According to the American Cancer Society, women should begin yearly mammograms at age 40.
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