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Kentucky Fried Chicken promotes breast cancer awareness

Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken may be synonymous with unhealthy living, but it looks the food chain is trying to change that perception.

KFC is now partnering with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure to create the Buckets for the Cure campaign and promote breast cancer awareness.

"The KFC family nationwide is helping to reach millions of women and men with breast health education and attempting to make the single largest donation ever to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in an effort to help end breast cancer forever," said Javier Benito of KFC.

Participating restaurants will sell pink buckets of grilled and original chicken now through May 30, and will donate 50 cents from each purchase to the breast cancer organization.

Still, many people are slightly perplexed at this unlikely partnership, as obesity and high-caloric intake has shown to put women at a higher risk for breast cancer.

"A lot of folks are questioning just how appropriate it is for a fast-food chain that sells, well, not exactly the most healthful food, to partner with a group known globally for helping save women's lives," Erin Allday wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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