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Lisa Ling encourages self-examinations

Seasoned journalist Lisa Ling is using her notoriety to spread breast cancer awareness, along with the P&G Give HOPE campaign, during breast cancer awareness month, The Huffington Post reports.

Ling has always been passionate about promoting breast health, though her involvement has increased over the past few years as four of her friends under 40 have been diagnosed with the disease, all of whom had no family history, Ling told the news outlet.

"Women need to take a more proactive approach to their health. So many people I know have been diagnosed with it," Ling told the publication. "It"s become an epidemic. The survival rate is high if you detect it early. My whole thing is women just need to start feeling themselves up more."

According to the National Cancer Institute, early detection can save thousands of lives annually, as the five-year survival rate of a stage-one diagnoses is 98 percent.

Ling also mentioned that her sister, Laura, had detected a cyst recently that turned out to be benign, though now both women keep breast exam charts in their showers, and she is urging other women to do the same.

"We're so concerned about our weight," Ling told the news outlet. "We're so concerned about what we look like but at the end of the day none of that matters when we're not healthy."
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