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Little girl survives rare form of breast cancer

Aleisha Hunter was only two and a half years old when her mother, Melanie, noticed a small lump developing on her chest. Little did she know her daughter would later be diagnosed with breast cancer. reports that Hunter took her daughter to the doctors to have it checked out and was at first diagnosed with a bacterial infection of the lymph nodes. However, Melanie still felt something was wrong.

"They basically didn't know what it was and I wasn't satisfied with their answer and she was getting sicker," she told the news outlet. "She had quite a bit of pain. Most of her pain was at night, she stopped sleeping."

Aleisha had the lump removed and was diagnosed with secretory breast carcinoma, a rare form of invasive breast cancer where the tumor secretes fluid. The young girl endured a two hour surgery, which was a success. Now four-years-old, Aleisha is enjoying life and smiling like every other pre-schooler.

This form of cancer is so rare that Dr Nancy Down, the surgeon who operated on Aleisha, noted that when looking through literature, she could count the number of cases of children developing the disease on one hand.
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