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Local businesses bring exercise and breast cancer fundraising together

The popular exercise class Zumba will not only be fighting off pounds and calories but it will be helping in the fight against breast cancer. In Ravena, New York, a local gym and a few businesses will be teaming up to sponsor a Zumbathon during the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, according to the Hudson-Catskill Newspaper.

The Neighborhood Health and Fitness Center will be hosting the event at a local bowling alley, where people will have to give a $10 entry fee for taking the class. There will be two sessions and all the money will go to hopefully developing some positive breast cancer health news, according to the media outlet.

"It seemed like a great idea for fundraising," Fahrbach told the news source. "Zumba is a national craze and is growing exponentially. We hope we have a great turnout. [The instructor] is donating her time for the cause and said of course she would teach the course for free."

According to the American Cancer Society, women who are over 40 should start scheduling a yearly mammogram to check for breast cancer.
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