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Look At These Babies of Hope!

This and every Mother’s Day, the mothers of these adorable babies have additional reasons to celebrate: every one of these mothers was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Despite having to make some scary decisions about treatment or postponement of treatment, they made it through. One reason was that they all had someone to talk to, another mother who had made the same journey.

When they tell their stories to Hope For Two, the words “a miracle baby” occur often and all praise the network for the comfort and hope that those other mothers gave them.

By creating a network of women willing to share their stories and listen to others fighting through cancer while pregnant, Hope For Two truly lives up to their name.

"It's hard to see the light when you are in the middle of the storm, but having those who have gone before there to guide you through truly is a blessing." - Beth L., Hope for Two member supports Hope For Two’s efforts through the Gifts That Give More program and contributions from The Breast Cancer Site.

Hope For Two Babies:

Beth L: “My miracle baby is here! After being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer at sixteen weeks pregnant, my little guy was born five weeks early…We are both doing great!”

Kerry, who underwent surgery and treatment for breast cancer while pregnant: “I realized this baby was strong. This baby was going to make it and I would too. She would be my strength and I would be hers.”

Katie C: “I was diagnosed with nodular melanoma at nineteen weeks pregnant with my third child. Hope for Two was an amazing support to me during that scary time.”

Jenise K.: “Thank you for giving us HOPE... our little miracle arrived on April 7, 2013.
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