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Man turned away for breast cancer screening

When Scott Cunningham, whose parents both suffered from breast cancer, began to notice symptoms of the disease, such as knots of tissue and swelling on his chest, he didn't know what to do.

Cunningham had recently lost his job at a furniture plant, and didn't have any health insurance. However, his symptoms continued to get worse, and he eventually called his local health clinic, which turned him away because he was a man, according to

The clinic was unable to treat Cunningham because the funding they receive only covers women, the news source reports.

Though many initiatives are aimed at helping women gain access to breast cancer screening and treatment, the American Cancer Society reports that there were approximately 2,000 diagnosed cases of male breast cancer last year.

According to the, it's important for men who detect a growth on their chest to visit their health care provider for testing as soon as possible. If the cancer is allowed to grow unchecked, it can spread to other organs in the body.
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