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Men open up about their experience with breast cancer

Men in Missouri are opening up about breast cancer, as many still do not believe that they can be diagnosed - even though it is definitely a possibility, according to the news channel KRCG-TV.

JR Renick went to the doctor after he found a lump on his chest.

"It started kind of small, about the size of a quarter," Renick of Jefferson City told the news source. "By the time they noticed it and sent me for a mammogram, it was like two silver dollars on top of each other, that's how large it got."

Renick added that he had no idea it was breast cancer. Dr. Paul Dale told the media outlet that most men who are diagnosed with the disease are shocked and simply do not know it is possible to get it.

According to American Cancer Society, even though it is not as common, men do get diagnosed with breast cancer. However, only one in 1,000 men will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in his lifetime, whereas one in eight women will be diagnosed. 
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