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Napa Valley breast cancer center offers genetic testing

Genetic testing services are now provided at the St. Helena Hospital's Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center in Napa Valley, offering counseling and risk assessments to those interested in determining their risk of developing breast cancer.

The genetic component of the risk assessment will look at three to four generations of genealogy, in order to assess and individual's chances of inheriting a mutation in a gene known to relate to breast cancer. The BRCA genes are among the targeted molecular markers.

"There is no doubt about it, these risk assessments help save lives - for both women and men," says Kathleen Mott, RN, MS, NP, of the North Bay Cancer Risk Assessment Services, who will provide the risk assessments for the Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center.

Possessing one of the breast cancer-related genes does not necessarily mean that one will develop breast cancer. Recent findings have shown that regular exercise is linked to lower risks of breast cancer, a research area to which the Susan G. Komen Foundation has committed more than $1 million in funding. 
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