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New interview with Komen founder shows 28 years of progress

According to an interview with Nancy Brinker, the founder of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, breast cancer was a taboo word less than 30 years ago, reports KLAS-TV 8 News in Las Vegas.

Brinker founded the Komen foundation in the name of her sister, who succumbed to breast cancer in 1980.

"One didn't say the words breast cancer out loud very easily. In fact, in Dallas, we couldn't even use the word breast in the newspaper to report on the event," said Ambassador Brinker, who has received a Presidential Medal of Freedom and has served as the U.S. ambassador to Hungary, as well as a goodwill ambassador for the World Health Organization.

According to Brinker, the foundation is currently focusing on advocacy, access to care, increasing survival rates and bringing breast cancer care to low-income patients.

The Las Vegas community will participate in its regional Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure fundraising event in a few months. The Komen Foundation has donated more than $1.5 billion to breast cancer research and awareness, according to its website.

Brinker promised her sister that she would do everything in her power, for the rest of her life, to end breast cancer.
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