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New program at St. Joseph Medical Center aims to spread breast cancer awareness to all

St. Joseph Medical Center was recently awarded a matching $50,000 grant by the American Cancer Society to run an outreach program for breast health, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The funds will go towards educating uninsured or underinsured African American and Latina women in Baltimore through an 18-month program entitled One Voice.

One Voice is set up to teach women who go about proper breast health and the importance of routine screening, as women of these races have a 38 percent higher death rate from breast cancer over Caucasian women, according to the National Cancer Institute.

The program has created 12 different culturally appropriate groups to spread awareness in manners that will be comfortable for all who attend. Also the group is offering 135 free mammogram screenings for interested women as a way to lower death rates.

"We are very excited about this project and this opportunity to have a positive impact on earlier detection and survival for underserved women at risk for breast cancer," Dr. Michael Schultz, medical director of St. Joseph‘s Breast Center told the news outlet. "One Voice continues and expands our tradition at the St. Joseph Breast Center, which has always included outreach to underserved and at-risk minority populations in our community."
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