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New report on 3D mammograms for breast cancer

As more and more hospitals across the country test out 3D mammography machines, some people are reporting very good results with the new breast cancer diagnostic tools, according to a new report from ABC 15.

"In just the month that we’ve had it, I’ve seen four or five cancers that I honestly would like to think that I would have found on the original mammogram, but it was without a doubt present when we did the 3D imaging," Dr. Linda Greer, a radiologist specialist, told the news source.

Dr. Greer likened 3D mammograms to a high definition TV, whereas non-3D machines are like old television sets.

According to the American Cancer Society, all women over the age of 40 should receive annual mammograms. Younger women are also susceptible to breast cancer and should receive regular clinical breast exams in order to find cancer as early as possible. Self breast exams are often a first line of detection as well.

About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime, reports the ACS.
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