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Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour underway

When the Pink Ribbon Comedy Tour first kicked off, one of the biggest concerns of those involved wasn't the grueling schedule (the comedians have 70 shows in 90 days in 25 states), or the large crowds. It was the picture on the bus.

The vehicle is decorated with a picture of a naked woman holding a sign across her chest which reads Laughter is the Breast Medicine. Though the sign preserves her modesty, if barely, the decision to go with it was the topic of much debate, according to the

Because of the sign, the bust has been attracting a lot of attention. "Twelve-year-old boys are our biggest fans on the highway," Law Smith, one of the participating comedians, told the website.

Though the picture may turn heads on the highway, the comedians are working hard to raise breast cancer awareness, and keep patients laughing, all around the country.

For those who are lucky enough to catch one of the tour's shows, they can expect each of the four comics to do a 25-minute routine that briefly touches upon the topic of breast cancer, but doesn't linger on it, the news source reports.

Proceeds from the tour are benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which has the world's largest breast cancer organization and has donated nearly $1.5 billion to breast cancer research since its inception in 1982.
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