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Pink and Blue event spreads awareness about breast cancer

Mega star Olivia Newton John is teaming up with an unlikely partner to host a Pink and Blue for Two breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness event this Saturday at Rams Head Live, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Newton John will be hosting the event with Terrell Owens and she tells the news outlet she'll do pretty much anything to help raise awareness and money to go towards finding a cure for the disease that, according to, claims almost 40,000 lives annually.

When asked why she continues to support, Newton John explains it's because she is lucky enough to be able to.

"Really, [it's] gratitude that I'm able to wake up and face another day because it could have been another scenario," Newton John told the news outlet. "I feel very lucky and at this point in my life. It feels really good to give back. [Raising cancer awareness] is just part of my life now."

As for Owens' part, Newton John thinks its important to have a well-liked male up there in order to make getting prostate and even breast exams less frightening for men out there, she told the news outlet.
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