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Pink-link celebrates four years of breast cancer support

While doctors and pharmacists work tirelessly to make strides in breast cancer treatment, sometimes the smallest message of support to a patient could mean just as much in conquering the disease.

On Wednesday, February 24, the website will celebrate its four year anniversary and its support of more than 3,800 breast cancer patients.

The unique website gives breast cancer patients a comfortable, confidential resource to connect with other patients and share their feelings.

Vicki Tashman, the site's founder, explained, " lets women find someone with their exact diagnosis who went through precisely the same treatment."

She continued, "The online community gives women who are afraid and uncertain of the road ahead another survivor to talk to who has been through it and who can tell them the truth while sharing their experience."

In addition to matching women undergoing similar treatments, the website gives breast cancer patients the opportunity to blog about their experience and access to expert-run forums on nutrition, exercise, skin care and holistic health.'s pervading message is the empowerment of women as they pursue "a healthy survivorship of breast cancer."
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