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Portraits aimed toward educating others on breast cancer

Photography is not only meant to capture a heartwarming moment, but to inspire people as well. This week, portraits of breast cancer survivors will be on display at Syracuse University to educate others on the emotional and physical struggle that comes with the disease.

The project, titled Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer, will debut at the Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium on October 27. The subjects were shot by artist, Angelika Rinnhofer, according to This show features pictures of three different women from central New York, but Rinnhofer will continue to snap shots of survivors leading up to an exhibit in 2011.

"Breast cancer is a disease that sucks you in, chews you up and spits you out," associate professor and breast cancer survivor Tula Goenka told the news source. "Some women lose their breasts. Most lose their hair. And many lose their lives. But all those who survive lose their sense of themselves and never really feel whole again."

Breast cancer is a disease that takes more than 400,000 lives each year, according to the American Cancer Society. The goal of Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer is to educate others on the lasting effects of the disease.
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