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Prophylactic therapy may not affect cognitive function

For breast cancer patients who fear the health affects of prophylactic therapy, a new study suggests that small dose of prophylactic radiation to prevent brain metastases while taking certain medications will not cause any additional cognitive side affects than the drugs alone, according to DotMed.com.

The study compared a random sample of breast cancer patients that were receiving medication (Herceptin) alone and those who had medication as well as the prophylactic therapy. The study showed that none of the women differed in life expectancy or cognitive function as a result of the experiment.

There was some differentiation in the study when three of the women receiving radiation developed brain metastases while seven women developed the same disorder while strictly taking medication. Because of the small sample size, the researchers could not make critical statistical determinations, but the results are eye-opening for breast cancer patients who are considering their treatment options.

According to BreastCancer.org, the two most significant risk factors for breast cancer include gender and age.
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