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Roller derby league rolls out third annual Save the Ta-Tas event

For one Tallmadge, Ohio, roller derby league, putting together an event to support breast cancer awareness only seemed fitting, the Tallmadge Express reports.

The third annual Save the Ta-Tas event boasts a double header between four of the best teams in the Northeast Ohio Roller Derby as a way to get viewers to support the cause.

"When women come together, it can be a very powerful thing and can really make a difference," Melissa Williams, aka Anita Target of the Rock'n Roller Girls team, told the news outlet. "The bout is about all that and more. It's about showing support, education, awareness and the strength we have as women to fight breast cancer."

Aside from the entrance fee going towards breast cancer research, there will also be a silent auction where guests can bid on 14 artist-decorated bust casts taken from the chests of each skater on the team.

"Each piece is unique and tells a different story," Williams told the news source. "It's a beautiful way to show support."

Williams added that the team knows the pieces will cause some drama as they're a bit controversial, but she says that's a good thing - that maybe talking about the art will prompt talks about breast cancer and about getting scans annually.

With one in eight women set to fight against the disease in her lifetime, according to, spreading awareness in any way could save someone's life.
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