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Satellite internet connects Nyaya health workers to the world

Hospital in Nepal Through the support of the, Nyaya Health outfitted Bayalpata Hospital in Nepal with satellite internet services. The hospital delivers crucial care to the local community, including midwifery services and other medical support for the women in the region.

Improving access to the internet has provided a link between the medical team in Achham and collaborators in other areas of Nepal and the United States.

Nyaya clinical staff check with medical and public health experts around the world on clinical treatment protocols. An online wiki now includes all clinical, administrative and financial data and protocols and serves to facilitate constructive feedback, quality improvement, and a dynamic dialogue on best practices.

As Nyaya's services in Nepal have grown, continued collaboration and consistent communication have enabled them to develop high-quality patient services and participate in the evolving global health field.

Photo of Bayalpata Hospital courtesy of Nyaya

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