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Septuagenarian continues to raise money for breast cancer research

Some people spend their golden years enjoying peace, quiet and relaxation, but not Maureen Batterbee. The 70-year-old British resident is about to lace up her running shoes and compete in the Adidas Women's 5K Challenge, all in the name of breast cancer, according to the Harrow Times.

This will be the sixth year Maureen puts her best foot forward in order to contribute to the cause, and has so far raised £4,000. She has done so to honor her dear friend, Janet Eavis, who succumbed to the disease two years ago.

"I'm thrilled to have raised so much money for Breast Cancer Campaign to help them continue their mission to beat this disease by funding vital research," Batterbee told the news outlet.

According to Breast Cancer Care, every 11 minutes a woman in the United Kingdom is diagnosed with breast cancer. It looks as though Maureen is well aware of these startling statistics.

"I'm doing it not only for Janet, but for all those touched by cancer," she told the news outlet.

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