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Sister-4-Cure spreads breast cancer awareness

The Sister-4-Cure group is made up of African American women who find it their mission to walk around Milwaukee and show their support to the many breast cancer survivors in the area. They also want to spread awareness and education about the disease to people that they feel do not receive the attention they need due to the expense, according to WTMJ-AM.

"We provide healthy lifestyle and breast health materials and invite people back to the Martin Luther King Center for a celebration of life and more education," the group's founder, Phyllis Holder, told the news source.

Holder added that the people they do visit are ones who do not expect the attention, and are extremely flattered and honored to have received it, the media outlet reports.

According to the Susan G. Komen organization, it is recommended that once a woman turns 40 she receives annual mammograms. If a woman has an extensive family history of the disease, she may want to start making these appointments earlier to ensure that it is caught during its earlier stages.
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