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Stopping death during childbirth

Lesotho remains one of the few countries in the world where the number of women dying during childbirth has increased over the last decade.

Now Partners In Health has developed a strategy to help reverse that trend by training community health workers, many of whom are traditional birth attendants or midwive as Maternal Mortality Reduction Project Assistants (MMRPA).

These MMRPAs  provide women living in rural mountain villages with access to comprehensive services including HIV testing, counseling, and treatment; methods of preventing HIV transmission from mother-to-child; and prenatal (prebirth), delivery, and general post-birth health care; immunizations; as well as general reproductive health services.

PIH health workers report that the accompaniment of the MMRPAs and the general knowledge and care delivered during the prenatal visits are improving maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates as well as contributing to a decrease in HIV transmission rates. supports PIH's efforts to save women and children at The Child Health Site. To learn more about this project, click here.

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